@daveowhite is the best way to get my attention for a quick response.

Things that require more than 280 characters include if you want to work with me directly or for university related matters. (I also respond well to “Dave!” if I’m within 100 meters or so)

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  1. Peter Reilly Reply

    Hi David,
    We met last July at the Playful learning Conference in Manchester July 2016, the day after you spoke at the Business Librarians Association annual conference.
    I am Chair of the LIR Heanet User Group for Libraries and we host a one day annual seminar in Dublin on November 24th. The theme of our 2017 Seminar ” Cultivating Libraries in a Post Digital Learning Ecosystem” . I am wondering if you would be available to speak as a potential keynote. Our budget covers your flights and expenses on the day.

    Let me know if you are interested or available.



  2. Filip Vervenne Reply

    Dear David
    I discovered your fascinating contributions about digital learning and art education and I would very much like to invite you on a digital conference day with our staff. I’m working at LUCA School of Arts in Belgium, we have several campuses in Flanders, Belgium.
    The (internal) conference is planned January 21 of 2021. We don’t want / need to take much of your time but if you could find half an hour to interact online with our people, that would be great. We could start with you video Desituated Art School which will open the eyes of many participants! But OK, i’m thinking already to concrete. First question is: are you willing / interested / available to share your ideas with us on January 21? And, of course we combine a appropriate compensation for your contribution.
    Kind regards
    Filip Vervenne
    coordinator professionalisation at LUCA

  3. Camryn Van Den Bergh Reply

    Hello David

    Sending this message all the way from The Sustainability Institute in Stellenbosch South Africa ( I’m a masters student currently looking into active blended learning andragogy and was so moved by your work at the ABL conference on Wednesday. I would love to invite you to share as part of a new offering we are creating at the Sustainability Institute, a short course (co-created by us students) called Reimagining Education happening in August this year. This could take the form of a short pre-recorded presentation/conversation (with the invite for those students who can attend, to join live) – no more than an hour of your time, at a time/date that works best for you?

    Warmest regards,
    Camryn van den Bergh
    Project intern and Masters student at The Sustainability Institute

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