Things I contribute to or you might see me at:


  • January 8th – March 5th, co-design & co-host
    Teaching Complexity‘ open, online seminar series
  • January 9th, Invited talk
    Multimedia, Information and Technology SIG, London 
  • January 29th & February  8th, Invited talk/workshop
    Online & f2f, Institute of Technology, Cork
  • March/April, UAL ‘Modual Catalyst’ co-host
    Design Museum, London
  • April 11th, Talk
    OER19 – ‘What does it take to establish Openness as an institutional value?‘, Galway
  • June 24th, UAL Digital Edge co-host
    Somerset House, London
  • July 10th, UAL ‘Platform’ event co-design and co-host
    Camberwell College of Arts – ‘Networked Making‘, London
  • September 13-14th, co-host/committee
    Digitally Engaged Learning conference, Texas State University, Texas
  • September 26th, Workshop
    ELIA conference ‘Conceptualizing the networked academy through our digital practices’, State Academy of Fine Arts, Stuttgart
  • October 1st & 10th, Online workshop and Tweetchat
    Online Networked Learning  – Visitors and Residents session, Online
  • November 7th, Invited talk
    University College of Estate Management – ‘It’s not about being good with digital technology‘, Reading

  • November 29th, Invited seminar/workshop
    National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, National Seminar Series – ‘Developing Digital Graduate Attributes Within, Across & Beyond the Curriculum’, National College of Ireland, Dublin.


  • January 19th, Invited speaker
    REMIX Summit, Museum of London.
  • Feb 21st, Invited speaker
    Session for MA Fine Art and Digital, UAL
  • March 22th, Invited speaker
    Birkbeck seminar series
  • March 23th, Invited speaker
    ‘Steamhack’ event, Culture and Enterprise Programme, UAL
  • April 6th, Keynote
    LILAC conference – “Posthuman literacies: reframing the relationships between information, technology and identity”, Liverpool
  • June 13th, Invited Speaker
    Michigan State Digital Humanities Summer School, London
  • June 21st, Keynote
    Dublin Institute of Technology, eLearning Summer School – “Letting go of the past: why old people love generation gaps”, Dublin 
  • July 26st, Keynote + institutional strategy
    Bezalel Academy of Arts – “Teaching creatively in the post-digital era”, Jerusalem 
  • September 18th, Invited speaker
    Steamhack event – “How do bodies and technologies interact?”, Central St Martins, UAL, London
  • September 26th, Keynote
    ChALS 2018 conference -“Questioning the ‘truth’ in an era of customised answers”, Göteborg, Sweden
  • November 14th-16th – Invited expert
    Uniarts – exploring how to develop teaching and learning practice in the creative arts, Helsinki, Finland


  • January 16th, Invited speaker, Digital Leadership
    Leadership Foundation event, London
  • March 24th, Invited speaker
    Trust and Digital Politics, Central St Martins, UAL, London
  • April 5th, Invited speaker
    Teaching and Learning strategy, Oxford Brookes, Oxford
  • April 25th, Invited speaker
    Teaching and Learning strategy, York St John’s University, York
  • May 31st, Host
    London School of Fashion, Graduate Business School away-day, London
  • June 6-7, Invited Panel member
    Society of College, National and University Libraries, Summer conference, Newcastle
  • September 14-15, Chair
    Digitally Enhanced Learning conference, London
  • October 18, Keynote
    Internet Librarians International conference, London
  • November 24, Keynote
    LIR annual seminar, Dublin
  • December 6-8, Workshop + Panel discussion with Marc Prensky
    Online Educa, Berlin


  • November 18th, Invited speaker
    Visitors and Residents mapping workshop, British Library, London
  • September 21-22, Conference chair
    Designs on eLearning, New School, New York
  • September 8th, Keynote (with Donna Lanclos)
    Association for Learning Technology, Annual Conference, Warwick Univeristy
  • July 13th, Keynote
    UK and Ireland’s Business Librarians’ Association Conference, Imperial College
  • June 24th, Invited talk, Digital & Work Based Learning
  • June 20th, Invited talk, Theology and the Digital
    Seminar, The Queen’s Foundation – Birmingham
  • June 3rd, Invited talk, Teaching with Social Media.
    Platform event, London School of Fashion
  • May 25th, Invited expert, Openness Strategy
    Nottingham University
  • May 5th, Keynote
    M25 Consortium of Libraries, Annual Conference, Lambeth Palace, 
  • April 19-22, Invited Expert/Researcher
    Universitat Oberta de Catalunya – Barcelona
  • April 15th, Co-hosting the UAL/LSE ‘The Digital is not the Future’ event
    London School of Economics
  • February 29th, New Welsh Digital Curriculum Quality Assurance Group
    Welsh Government, Cardiff
  • January 21st, invited speaker
    BETT – London 



  • December 5, Spotlight stage session – “Re-humanising elearning
    Berlin: Online Educa
  • November 19, Invited talk  – “Expectations, locations”
    Warwick university Tel forum
  • October 21, Keynote
    London: Panopto annual conference
  • September 17, Keynote – “Cultural Flips
    Texas: Designs on eLearning conference
  • September 2, parallel session
    Warwick: Association for Leaning and Technology conference
  • August 9, Keynote
    London: Wikimania – the international Wikipedia conference – blog post
  • April 18, Keynote
    Athens: AMICAL group of universities annual conference
  • March 12, Visitors and Residents Mapping workshop
    Birmingham: Jisc Digital Festival
  • March 7, Keynote
    Manchester: i2ic conference – libraries and the Web
  • January 9, Visitors and Residents Mapping workshop
    London: Jisc Netskills

I’ve also helped to run a number of workshops, and consultation events for the Jisc Digital Student project over the year. Various presentations can be found on slideshare.

Other recent talks include:

  • Keynote at Bath University Learning and Teaching conference
  • Keynote at Brookes University Learning and Teaching conference
  • ‘Engage’ talk at the University of Oxford

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