I’m more at home talking than writing so I’ve enjoyed making the occasional video. I try to create these in a style that can be used as a teaching resource or to support workshop type activities.

While working at the University of Oxford a developed a short series of videos which build on V&R and are designed as discussion starters for workshops or classes. the videos are openly licenced so you can use them in whatever way works best.

This is a quick explanation of the V&R idea. It is often used as a way to introduce the mapping process but also seems to work well as a way of starting discussions around the value of various modes of engagement online.

This video explores the shifting nature of credibility – how the Web is disrupting the primacy of traditional ‘knowledge’ institutions and the implications for learners.

The last in the series discusses the pros and cons of ‘open practice’ online both from a student and teacher/researcher perspective. I explore the risks and potential benefits of encouraging students to work in ‘visible’ online spaces.

Here is a quick round-up of my thinking captured at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya research week which I participated in as an invited researcher

This is a video of my original Visitors and Residents talk from way back in 2009 (haircut?!)

I have also produced/directed video projects such as Pi Day Live which was an open online event with Marcus Du Sautoy attracting over 2000 participants live online via Google Hangouts.

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