I’m more at home talking than writing so I’ve enjoyed making the occasional video. I try to create these in a style that can be used as a teaching resource or to support workshop type activities.

While working at the University of Oxford a developed a short series of videos which build on V&R and are designed as discussion starters for workshops or classes. the videos are openly licenced so you can use them in whatever way works best.

The key video is a quick explanation of the V&R idea. It is often used as a way to introduce the mapping process but also seems to work well as a way of starting discussions around the value of various modes of engagement online.

In 2020, during the pandemic, I made a short video exploring what it meant to be running an Art School/University with little, or no, access to buildings.

A keynote for the ICERI given during the pandemic exploring themes around Presence and Placemaking online

This is a video of my original Visitors and Residents talk from way back in 2009 (haircut?!)

I have also produced/directed video projects such as Pi Day Live which was an open online event with Marcus Du Sautoy attracting over 2000 participants live online via Google Hangouts.

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