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The mapping process is a Visitors and Residents based group activity which is designed to explore individuals engagement with the Web. It’s a good starting point for discovering how staff, students or clients are using the Web. A neat explanation of  the activity can be found here.

An openly licensed version of the facilitators guide and workshop slides can be downloaded here.

The second section (the activity on day two) in the workshop is designed to help participants consider the digital identity and presence of their institution or group. The workshop was written for the Jisc Digital Leaders Programme but can be modified for different audiences, including students. There is a closely designed structure and extensive notes – plus example V&R maps to help you run the session and links to further resources.

The document is published under a Creative Commons Attribution licence so you can edit, modify and reproduce it to fit your context/needs. The workshop plan provides useful facilitation notes on what is likely to emerge via discussion informed by the mapping process and advice on how to nurture thinking and reflection. Crucially the workshop plan also outlines possible ‘next-steps’ after the mapping activity so that participants make the most of what they have learnt.

‘Vanilla’ version of the slides with detailed notes – designed to be edited and adapted. 

The activity has been used by various people in a range of institutions including Cambridge University, The Open University, University College London (in which it forms part of their doctoral training programme), Carnegie Mellon, The New School and the American University of Paris. In a Higher Education Academy funded project I helped 18 institutions across the UK to gain a picture of how their students were engaging online by using the process.

All participants in the event must understand the purpose of the drug and side effects, prices for drugs can be viewed on this website.

Let me know if you are interested in me running a mapping session for you or have a go yourself. If you run a session please tag any Tweets with #VandR.

This video of me creating my own map is a useful guide for running mapping sessions:

There is also a useful video in which I introduce the Visitors and Residents idea:

Here are some example Visitor and Resident maps:

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