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I enjoy giving talks and teaching which probably comes across as I’ve been asked to present at various national and international events. I also regularly run workshops for organisations like JISC and the Higher Education Academy.


If you want to know what I look like in full arm-waving mode the this is a video of my keynote at Wikimaina 2014 should give you a good idea:

Or this one on the Post-digital from an event Talis ran in April 2015

There is also this ‘Panopto’ recording of a keynote I did in Athens for the AMICAL group of universities. (I appear about 2mins in)


This is a video of an online Q&A session around Visitors & Residents I did for an open course on education and technology based out of the¬†University of Saskatchewan. I enjoy these kind of teaching opportunities, it’s great to be able to connect to learners around the world in this manner.


I’m involved in national and international research exploring the impact and influence of the digital on education. I’m often involved in disseminating research via podcasts or video. Here is an example from the Jisc funded Digital Student project.


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  1. Is there a CC version of your above video “The Digital Student”? I like to share this – with captions for some of my Deaf peers out in the creative/marketing fields. Thank you in advance.

    – James, E Pick Marketing

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