Things I contribute to or you might see me at:


  • January 19th, Invited speaker
    REMIX Summit, Museum of London.
  • Feb 21st, Invited speaker
    Session for MA Fine Art and Digital, UAL
  • March 22th, Invited speaker
    Birkbeck seminar series
  • March 23th, Invited speaker
    ‘Steamhack’ event, Culture and Enterprise Programme, UAL
  • April 6th, Keynote
    LILAC conference – “Posthuman literacies: reframing the relationships between information, technology and identity”, Liverpool
  • June 13th, Invited Speaker
    Michigan State Digital Humanities Summer School, London
  • June 21st, Keynote
    Dublin Institute of Technology, eLearning Summer School – “Letting go of the past: why old people love generation gaps”, Dublin 
  • July 26st, Keynote + institutional strategy
    Bezalel Academy of Arts – “Teaching creatively in the post-digital era”, Jerusalem 
  • September 18th, Invited speaker
    Steamhack event – “How do bodies and technologies interact?”, Central St Martins, UAL, London
  • September 26th, Keynote
    ChALS 2018 conference -“Questioning the ‘truth’ in an era of customised answers”, Göteborg, Sweden


  • January 16th, Invited speaker, Digital Leadership
    Leadership Foundation event, London
  • March 24th, Invited speaker
    Trust and Digital Politics, Central St Martins, UAL, London
  • April 5th, Invited speaker
    Teaching and Learning strategy, Oxford Brookes, Oxford
  • April 25th, Invited speaker
    Teaching and Learning strategy, York St John’s University, York
  • May 31st, Host
    London School of Fashion, Graduate Business School away-day, London
  • June 6-7, Invited Panel member
    Society of College, National and University Libraries, Summer conference, Newcastle
  • September 14-15, Chair
    Digitally Enhanced Learning conference, London
  • October 18, Keynote
    Internet Librarians International conference, London
  • November 24, Keynote
    LIR annual seminar, Dublin
  • December 6-8, Workshop + Panel discussion with Marc Prensky
    Online Educa, Berlin


  • November 18th, Invited speaker
    Visitors and Residents mapping workshop, British Library, London
  • September 21-22, Conference chair
    Designs on eLearning, New School, New York
  • September 8th, Keynote (with Donna Lanclos)
    Association for Learning Technology, Annual Conference, Warwick Univeristy
  • July 13th, Keynote
    UK and Ireland’s Business Librarians’ Association Conference, Imperial College
  • June 24th, Invited talk, Digital & Work Based Learning
  • June 20th, Invited talk, Theology and the Digital
    Seminar, The Queen’s Foundation – Birmingham
  • June 3rd, Invited talk, Teaching with Social Media.
    Platform event, London School of Fashion
  • May 25th, Invited expert, Openness Strategy
    Nottingham University
  • May 5th, Keynote
    M25 Consortium of Libraries, Annual Conference, Lambeth Palace, 
  • April 19-22, Invited Expert/Researcher
    Universitat Oberta de Catalunya – Barcelona
  • April 15th, Co-hosting the UAL/LSE ‘The Digital is not the Future’ event
    London School of Economics
  • February 29th, New Welsh Digital Curriculum Quality Assurance Group
    Welsh Government, Cardiff
  • January 21st, invited speaker
    BETT – London 



  • December 5, Spotlight stage session – “Re-humanising elearning
    Berlin: Online Educa
  • November 19, Invited talk  – “Expectations, locations”
    Warwick university Tel forum
  • October 21, Keynote
    London: Panopto annual conference
  • September 17, Keynote – “Cultural Flips
    Texas: Designs on eLearning conference
  • September 2, parallel session
    Warwick: Association for Leaning and Technology conference
  • August 9, Keynote
    London: Wikimania – the international Wikipedia conference – blog post
  • April 18, Keynote
    Athens: AMICAL group of universities annual conference
  • March 12, Visitors and Residents Mapping workshop
    Birmingham: Jisc Digital Festival
  • March 7, Keynote
    Manchester: i2ic conference – libraries and the Web
  • January 9, Visitors and Residents Mapping workshop
    London: Jisc Netskills

I’ve also helped to run a number of workshops, and consultation events for the Jisc Digital Student project over the year. Various presentations can be found on slideshare.

Other recent talks include:

  • Keynote at Bath University Learning and Teaching conference
  • Keynote at Brookes University Learning and Teaching conference
  • ‘Engage’ talk at the University of Oxford

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  1. I see in previous years you’ve visited Texas – any thought on returning in the future? My team would be delighted to hear and see you lecture on our digital era. We’re always on the hunt for new things, techniques, tactics, take-aways, and information sharing in general. In this day and age one can never be over prepared. On ward, into the digital sea!

    Thanks – James, E Pick Marketing

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