Call me Dave.Dave

I’ve worked in various roles where digital, learning and culture meet – including:

  • Senior lecturer in visual communication
  • Making proof-of-concept pilots for delivering media online at the BBC
  • Managing a team of online distance learning developers at the University of Oxford
  • Leading numerous studies around the impact of the Web on learning and higher education.

I’m currently Head of Digital Learning at the University of the Arts London – I help to run the ‘Teaching and Learning Exchange’. (I  moved to this role in June 2014, all posts before then were written while I was working at the University of Oxford.)

My best-known/most-used idea is a way of understanding individuals motivations to engage online: “Visitors and Residents”. This idea inspired the V&R mapping process which has been used around the world by a range of groups to reflect on and explore digital engagement.

I enjoy public speaking and often get asked to give keynotes and talks f2f and online. On occasion I’ve contributed to broadcast media and have been heard on Radio 4, the World Service and ABC Australia. I’m at home blogging, tweeting or creating videos – working in an open manner developing thinking and discourse in online spaces. For me the digital is much more than a set of tools or a chaotic library, it’s a place where we can learn and live.

You can contact me via @daveowhite, or

Photograph by David Ausserhofer, Mark Bollhorst and Maren Strehlau. All copyrights by ICWE GmbH. CC 2.0 Germany

Here is a quick round-up of some of my thinking captured at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya research week which I participated in as an invited researcher

Why ‘daveowhite’? – David White is a spectacularly common name which means its always been taken as a profile in any platform by the time I try to sign-up. Daveowhite is my solution for this. The ‘o’ was inspired by the main character in North by Northwest and was Hitchcock taking a swipe at his producer David O. Selznik.


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